About me

About me


Before starting Prowly, I ran my own PR agency and could never understand why our industry wouldn't embrace new technology.

Prowly is my first startup. I constantly need to learn new things and find new paths extremely quickly. This is in my DNA - keep doing stuff and don’t be afraid to fail, as with every failure there comes new knowledge.
I am 31, from Warsaw (Poland), a happy wife and mom balancing life and work with travels to the best kitesurfing places around the world.


Prowly 2.0: How we got from a vitamin to becoming a painkiller in our segment

A while back, my co-founder Sebastian made an observation that in contrast to for example, e-mail marketing or online monitoring tools which are like antibiotics, Prowly is more like a vitamin for those in PR. That’s because we weren’t like a first aid remedy, but rather, we healed already existing processes – like those related to creating newsrooms or to the analytics of contacts. You know, a nice-to-have.