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Startup lessons learned in 2016

To me, Prowly feels like the greatest lesson of humility. I feel that I will never be able to learn as quickly as I am learning now - it is both the advantage and disadvantage of running your first startup. Here is a collection of the biggest lessons I learned in 2016.
Prowly 2.0: How we got from a vitamin to becoming a painkiller in our segment

A while back, my co-founder Sebastian made an observation that in contrast to for example, e-mail marketing or online monitoring tools which are like antibiotics, Prowly is more like a vitamin for those in PR. That’s because we weren’t like a first aid remedy, but rather...
Our way to $1,1M series pre-A

It's been almost a year since we closed our pre-A series round of financing. This is the story behind the scenes. Because behind every success there is a lot of everyday struggle.
About me

Before starting Prowly, I ran my own PR agency and could never understand why our industry wouldn't embrace new technology.

From Zero to SaaS

I’m the CEO of Prowly - PR and content marketing software. I started Prowly three years ago with no money and no experience in SaaS. Today, my team and I are on a mission to create the best PR & content marketing SaaS in the world. In this blog, I write about the challenges we are facing and milestones we’ve reached.